Japanese Food Best 3


What is the most popular Japanese cuisine in the world?
The first place is ...!

Today, Japanese food is popular all over the world. There are a lot of delicious Japanese cuisines, but what is the most popular Japanese cuisine among them? This time I would like to introduce you the top3 of Japanese food which is loved all over the world!

This is the first place of imposing!
It's just a Japan cuisine... Sushi!!

The first place is "sushi" that everyone loves. You can taste fresh seafood in a freshly-prepared, unique Japan surrounded by the sea! In fact, Sushi was introduced from China in the Nara period. Then it was in the Edo period that it became the form of a modern "Nigiri"style.Sushi in the form of "Nigiri" became very popular as a handy fast food for the townspeople of Edo, and it was much more popular than the soba which was popular at that time. Since the Meiji era, when the ice came to be produced in Japan, and the fresh material came to reach the sushi shop, the sushi that used raw fish and shellfish had been made from that time until today. It is not an exaggeration to say that such sushi is popular in the world now, and it is synonymous with Japan cuisine.

Everybody loves "meat"!
Let's eat this Japanese food!

The second is "Yakiniku/BBQ" in the ranks! Matsusaka beef, Kobe beef, Tajima beef and other Wagyu beef are popular all over the world. The sweet fat that melts on the tongue at the moment. You might become a captive only by eating these Wagyu beef once, the texture of the meat with a little moisture, a moderate elasticity! In addition to Japan, the international recognition and reputation of Wagyu beef is already very high because Japan's Wagyu beef is used by the world's finest restaurants. The Yakiniku is a little expensive, but it is a feast of Japan you want to eat once before you die.

Completely Japanese cuisine now!?
It is also very popular among Japanese!

The third rank is surprisingly "Ramen". This noodle dish is being recognized as Japanese cuisine. Japanese Ramen shops have entered the world and are bustling every day! Ramen noodles are made using brine, unlike Chinese noodles. It is delicious with a chewy texture. Ramen's origine is China but it has evolved in Japan and now it has become one of the Japanese cuisine. At times, there are a long queue and you must wait for a long time in front of some popular Ramen shops, but Ramen is one of a Japanese cuisine to be proud of in a world where it is better to eat once!

At the end...

How was it? I introduced you the top3 of Japanese cuisine to be proud of the world! "Sushi", "Yakiniku" and "Ramen" are among the most popular Japanese cuisines which are loved all over the world. When you can't pick up what to eat in Japan, please try to refer to it.