Okayama Ramen


What is Ramen?

According to the recent rumor, one of the Japanese cuisine,Ramen is popular for tourists from Taiwan and China. Isn't Ramen the food that came from China?

It may have been originally so, but if you notice that "Ramen" has evolved in Japan, it has become a completely Japanese food. If they think to eat Ramen when they visit Japan, I find that I feel good.

By the way, this is a lot of foreign people hate it... but it is an exception only when eating the noodle though it is bad manners to eat making a noise when eating in Japan. You eat Ramen with noise. This is a kind of tradition...

No worries, we Japanese don't make noise when we eat. Once we put something in our mouth we are supposed to close mouth and bite well. Please let us slurp noodle in Japan.

Ramen in Okayama

Ramen was beginning to be made in the stalls or Barrack hut in the central area of Okayama City immediately after the WW2.

Okayama Ramen was born as a current local Ramen by the people who sympathized with the taste took over the taste, and continued adding the improvement.

The soup base is soy sauce with chicken broth or pork bone broth, and it may be added some unique taste by each stores such like a seafood-based broth.

Narrow straight noodles are often used for Okayama Ramen, and the curled noodles which are common in other regions are seldom seen.


The Okayama Ramen is very delicious, so please try it when you visit Okayama. There are many shops of soy sauce and chicken broth or pork bone broth, but the taste is very different depending on the shop, so please try a few shops if you can.