Japanese raw egg is safe


We eat raw egg in Japan.

However, Japanese eggs are thoroughly managed by hygiene, so there is almost no worry about food poisoning.

Japanese Quality control is the best in the world.

In Japan, Not only the farm hygiene, but also chicken feed is thoroughly controlled by law.

When the chicken which was feed these feed grow and produce eggs, the farmer collect them carefully and wash and check.

In each process, only eggs that are determined to be OK are packed in containers and sold all over the country.

These processes are very strict. SO You can eat eggs in raw without worries.

In Japan No food poison by Salmonella

Japanese eggs are strictly controlled, so eating them raw rarely causes food poisoning.

However, in Japan, nearly 1,000 people a year get food poisoning with eggs.

The reason for this is not salmonella infection from raw eggs, but when bacteria and viruses stick to the hands of the cook, and it enters the raw egg.

And of course you get sick when you eat rotten eggs.

How to find a fresh egg

If the yolk is plump when you break an egg, it is a sign of a fresh egg.

you can eat it with peace.


We must use raw eggs when we eat "Sukiyaki" or "TKG".

Raw eggs have been eaten for a long time in Japan, both in restaurants and at home.

It's okay to eat japanese raw eggs as they are.

please feel free to eat Japanese food with raw eggs!