History Of Sushi, Loved All Over The World


Do you know the history of Sushi?

Sushi is a typical presence of Japanese food that is loved from all over the world. "I love sushi! If I come to Japan, I will definitely eat it!" There should be many people like this.

By the way, do you know how long Sushi has been eaten in Japan?

Have you ever thought about it?

So, I will introduce the history of such sushi that you did't know before.

Sushi was introduced in the Nara Period!

Sushi came to Japan in the Nara Period (710-794)...it's about 1,300 years ago.

When rice cultivation was transmitted from Southeast Asia, I was also taught how to ferment fish using rice and grains. And this was the beginning of the birth of sushi.

"Sushi" was not the current Nigiri sushi, but it was like a "fermented sushi " where fish from the river such as Ayu and Huna was seasoned with sweet vinegar and it was left overnight.

Unlike current mainstream Sushi using fresh fish, Sushi at that time was a preserved food.

At the time of the Heian period, it was not widespread among the general public, and it seemed that it was being eaten only by limited people like nobles and monks.

"Nigiri Sushi" was born in the Edo Period!

In the late Edo period, the current Nigiri Sushi was born.

In the city of Edo, "stalls" were very popular, and as soon as they were held, they were able to eat "handfuls" sushi, and it was a great popularity.

It was possible to eat casually at the stall, and the nigiri sushi at that time might have been the one like a fast food like the sandwich and the hamburger if it said now.

It seems that the popularity was more than "Soba" which was very popular at that time.

In addition, the nigiri Sushi of this stall was called "Edomae Sushi" because it used fish, shellfish, seaweed, etc. which can be taken in Edomae (Tokyo Bay).

It is popular "Toro" and "Tuna" now, but it is unpopular for Edokko at that time for reasons of being greasy, and it is said that "shrimp", "mackerel" and "egg" were sold well instead.

From the fast food of the people to the fine cuisine

After World War II, sushi chefs managed to revive sushi shops in a strict food management system.

After that, even at the time of the high-growth period, Sushi became a class of high-class cuisine because of the hygiene problem.It costs a lot.

In 1958, "Kaiten-Zushi, sushi-go-round" appeared in Osaka, and the people came to be able to eat sushi casually.

Even now, Kaiten-Zushi is very popular among Japanese.


How was it?

This time I introduced the history of Sushi that is loved from all over the world.

In the long history of Japan, Sushi has been loved by people while changing shape, taste and style.

It is a typical Japanese food that Japanese boast.

When you visit Japan, please try the real Sushi!