Why is it rice, the Japanese staple food?


The staple foods of the world are mainly grains and potatoes, or bread, noodles, potatoes, etc.

The Japanese staple food is rice for a long time.

Today, I will tell you why Japanese people's staple food is rice.

A long time ago, a foreigner brought a rice plant to Japan.

About 15000 years ago Japan's climate was already warm, there were a rich variety of nuts and taro potatoes, many animals that were edible like wild boar and deer.

At this time, the hunting had developed rather than the farming, but a certain race which had entered from mainland China long time ago began to cultivate rice, and it spread among Japanese who had originally existed in Japan rapidly.

It is said that the rice cultivation was more productive than the hunting, which is why it has spread.

The climate of Japan is suitable for the cultivation of rice.

Japanese chose rice though it seems to be good even if the potatoes became the staple food of Japanese.

Why is it? It's because of the climate in Japan.

It was good for rice cultivation because it rained a lot in the rainy season, and the temperature was high in summer.

And rice can be preserved for a long time. If you store a lot of rice, people will not starve in severe winters.

The Taste of Japanese favorite tastes

The climate and long-term preservation were suitable for rice cultivation.

It was the reason why rice became the staple food for Japanese. And also it's suitable for the taste of the Japanese.

When rice is mixed in your mouth with some Japanese cuisine seasoned with soy sauce or miso, the sweetness of rice come appear.

It is the we Japaneses' favorite point that the taste peculiar to rice spreads in our mouth when you bite well.

Also, in the age of food shortages after the world war 2, rice was very pleasing to Japanese people.

The simple salty rice balls without ingredients are also favored by Japanese people who are not crippled by food now.


In the ancient days, it is more stable than hunting, and because it is possible to save long-term, many Japanese have grown rice.

The taste of rice is the best staple food that enhances the taste of Japanese dishes.