The history of food in Japan

People can not live if there is no food. As we can say sometimes that the human history is history of food, they are really related. Human used to relied food to plants and animals that live naturally in nature. However, as the livelihood of the human to development, food by the hand of man came to be produced. By further civilization, society develops, food is now delivered from far, it has developed to be a wide variety during the 2,000 years.

Japan Before The Jomon Period

People had caught animals and picked fruits or plants. Mushrooms, some nuts, and any organic things in on the ground. Kaizuka, Shell mounds in English, appeared near the sea, fish and shellfish were also taken perhaps. Originally, meals are important for living, to take the nutrition was the highest priority in this era.

Arrival Of Rice Cultivating

Over the early Yayoi era from the late Jomon period, the rice was handed down to Japan . Eating habits changed completely it until relied on hunting, fishing, gathering. People started to stay one place, grow rice, they had incorporated a way to harvest. This very big impact of rice cultivating, changed Japanese people's life.

Impact Of The Development Of The Culture Of The Tang Dynasty

 And early Heian period from the Asuka period, knowledge and culture from China brought back by envoirs had a big impact on the food culture of Japan. By the returned envoirs, new ingredients and food culture has been brought. Such as sugar and tea, it is very common ingredients and seasonings now-a-days, originally is so not a few things have been brought as a "medicinal".

Development Of Unique Japanese Food Culture By "Sakoku"

In the Edo period, by entering the long-term regime of the Tokugawa shogunate, and the national isolation,"Sakoku", Japanese society was stable. In the environment of seclusion from overseas, its own food culture Japan went to blossom. In Nagasaki, the only place where has continued to trade with Netherlands and China, various culture was brought in, unusual food had been delivered to the influential feudal lords. In addition to Japanese cuisine at the Nagasaki, China, Shippoku cuisine was developed. It is one of a famous and traditional cuisine in Nagasaki. Please check out. Also, during the Kan-ei era(1624-1645), Japan's first published cookbook "Cooking Story" was the published and widely read.

The Influx Of Western Culture By The Opening Of The Country

The Meiji Restoration happened, finally at once Western ingredients and food culture came to Japan. At the same time as the Western style of the food was spread, arrangement of Japanese style also be added, later they came to be known as the "Yo'shoku","Western cuisine" in English, which doesn't exist in Western counrties! Such as croquettes, chicken rice, curry rice...they are all we Japaneses' favorite cuisines. And in modern times, you can eat everything if you are in Japan.All cuisines from all over the world are provided here in Japan. Maybe we Japanese, I guess, are curious and glutton!

Japanese History Is Very Long!

How was it? Japanese food had developed like this. Please enjoy Japanese food with keeping this kind of history in your mind.