Nouvelle Ramen Hajikamiya

Hajikamiya Vegan Miso Ramen

Not only for vegan but also for everyone. This is very healty taste.

A small ramen shop in Tamachi area.

Hajikamiya's Ramen is a healthy, new type of Ramen with Japanese traditional and discerning ingredients.
Sometimes ramens might be very oilly or fatty for you, but the chef from this ramen shop shows you a new type of ramen which is very Japanese. I think there are no such ramen shops around Okayama nor the other cities in Japan after this shop. Very unique and of course very tasty.

A new Ramen is out now! Hajikamiya chef has created 'Vegan Miso Ramen'. Ramen miso soup by Konbu kelp broth. You should try it.

Opening Hours

Tue 〜 Sat 11:30〜13:30/19:00~26:00
Sun 11:30〜20:30
Closed on Mondays


1-1 Chuocho
Kita-ku, Okayama-city,
Okayama 700-0836

Hajikami-ya outside